Recovery Footwear

These highly cushioned sandals, flip flops or shoes that are meant to be worn after your race or hard training run in order to provide the feet with ultimate comfort while promoting a speedy recovery. They are usually soft and typically have some arch support and are suggested for use after training or competing to facilitate that recovery process and help the body relax.

There are several brands in the marketplace that you see being recommended, such as the OOFOS brand in the USA and the Archies brand in Australia.

OOFOS sandals

Some of these types of footwear are also being used as an alternative or adjunct to foot orthotics. This is because the amount of arch support that is built into a lot of these recovery shoes are similar to what you find in a pre-fabricated or over-the-counter foot orthotic

There has been no published scientific research that these types of recover footwear actually improve recover, but those that use them certianly attest to just how comfortable they are if they are sore after a hard training run or competition.

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